Divine Feminine Teachings

We have no choice but to re-awaken! Ascension to the fifth dimension, the timeline of the Heart, is happening on this planet. We are leaving behind a way of life we have been living for thousands of years. Time is accelerating! Ascension is the awakening of the Heart. Up until now, humanity was functioning from the lower three chakras that resulted in a very limited and distorted existence. It is becoming obvious that the old way of doing things no longer works. On an individual level you might be feeling that you are losing yourself. The seeming permanent chaos present on Earth has a purpose. This process is happening on a collective as well as on an individual level. Underneath the chaos a higher vibration is gaining momentum. To get to the dimension of the Heart you need to weave through the veils of conditioning, the pain, the impending belief systems... There is a path, it is in your Heart in the NOW that leads you to your true self beyond limitations!

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