Path of the Heart: Journey to Unconditional Love

The understanding or feeling, state of the heart varies depending on the state of consciousness—the level of openness and depth. 

Wherever one's consciousness is, there is always an opportunity to know a deeper heart, a closer heart, a more true heart. The key is surrender. Are you willing to surrender to The Absolute Heart?

The most natural heart is the Absolute Heart. Fully open to the Is-ness of any moment. It expresses the highest form of Love, which is the pure light of consciousness itself. As our consciousness level descended from the Atlantean times, our heart also decreased its capacity to know love and be that pure light of consciousness.

Below is a chart I created to explain the different levels and states of the heart`s consciousness. These states are a transition to the Absolute Heart. 

Dried Lotus leaf pink pattern for backgr


Emotional Heart

Identification starts with emotional love, which usually is protected by the mind and has a concept/idea of what and how love should be. One gets hurt many times, experiences pain and suffering, thus keeps the heart in a cocoon, thinking that’s how to keep it away from being hurt again. The emotional heart is very limited within itself.

How to heal the Emotional Heart

As one starts to evolve, very soon realizes that the way out of this holding is to forgive and accept ourselves, be free from past life experience, and heal it from our heart. One must forgive the past, forgive One-Self, and accept reality as it occurred and unfolded in life. Here many heaviness releases. It a phase of letting go of the past by completing the cycles of acceptance, forgiveness, and allowance.

Inner Wisdom

When the hearts open to Inner Wisdom. A deeper understanding and spiritual wisdom start being attained. Inner Light awakens. The heart becomes illuminated for the first time. Lightness and initial freedom are experienced. The heart's inner voice becomes more evident and real in your everyday life. The heart starts showing you the way as the intuition becomes more ripened. You are awakening the higher self.