Topics :​ 

  • The Path of the Heart

  • 12 States of the Hearts Evolution 

  • The Art of Surrender and Letting Go

  • Emotional Clearing

  • Heart Healing

  • Awakening and Cultivating Sexual Energy 

  • Breath-Work and Life force Energy

  • Five Tibetan Rites & Kundalini 

  • Map of Spirituality  ( Incl. Empowered Self, Higher Self, I am Presence / Goddess Presence, Living in Presence, Being-ness )

  • Consciousness VS Energies 

  • The Art of Creating Space ( Incl.Crystals Alignments, Energy Clearing, Goddess Cards, Presence of your Guides )

  • Creating Woman`s Circles and Ceremonies

  • Marketing Tools and Support on Setting You Up. Incl.Website Design, Writing and advertisement.


Healing Heart Meditation, Emotional Clearing, Organ Balancing

Meditation : Inner Light & Higher Self Meditation, Inner Love & Oneness Meditation, Present Moment Meditation