Essence Of Sexual Energy

Essence of sexual energy!

Misconceptions and plenty of ideas in people's interpretations on what sexual energy truly Is! It's been a couple of thousands years of abuse upon such a potent energy! An energy that has the force to manifest and create, an energy that has been mis-used and brought a lot of negative karmic effects.

When eventually planet earth`s density was dropping in vibration, humanity got bound and stuck with in mis-creation ! On a plane of duality the feminine energies lost the power while the masculine suppressed deeply the feminine as an energy in itself ! Sexual energy was manipulated, suppressed and completely abused. Thousands of years during this cycle of the dark ages humanity was controlled. Where enslaved from other dark forces from the 4th dimension. Feeding off on humanity`s energy that no human could master.

The sexual energy turned the become very dark completely opposite from its purity. Side effects where sexual abuse, addictions, obsessions etc.... Out of this outcome sexuality became the manipulator of all times. Seeing a complete dis-balance and dis-harmony of the original purity of this potent energy.

Now a days through knowledge that has leeked out from Tantra and other lineages, one has the opportunity to return back to and purify the lost essence of sexual energy. It is indeed a long process of purifying and yet so healing. Clearing energy centres, strengthening nervous system, upgrading DNA, plus the complete release of old energetics, connected and deeply ingrained to mind and deep conditioning.

As the planet earth is shaking off the old and ascending to a higher vibration, human beings are also experiencing shedding off the old lower vibrations to align with higher ones. Sexual energy is also being purified but since it's the centre mainly majority of humanity is functioning from there is extensive work to be done.

How to purify sexual energy

1.Learning technics on how to sublime sexual energies mainly found in the Tantric Lineage

2.Practice and Activate the "Micro cosmic Orbit" found in the Tao Lineage

3.Recognition of habitual patterns

4.Awarness as light form as a form of purification

5.Connection of Sexual energies to Align with Heart energies

6.Purification of mind

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