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  • Healing Sexuality 

Sacred Femininity, Inner Beauty and Sacred Sexuality.

As a Sacred Feminine Teacher, Lyonne creates and holds space for emotional healing, transformation and empowerment for women. Guiding women into the essence of their nature. Through various energy work and practical exercises.  Available as individual, group or Skype sessions, she guides you into a deeper sense of being, helping you reconnect with the essence of Sacred Femininity, Inner Beauty and Sacred Sexuality.



Spiritual Guidance Sessions for a better living.


Dedicated to her cause, Lyonne is experienced in several areas of energy healing work. She utilises different tools to cleanse, purify and amplify energy flow to promote self-healing on all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual. Every healing session is tailored specifically to the individual’s needs, based on Lyonne’s expertise, intuition and her direct knowing. Her healing sessions typically incorporate methods such as Meditation, Reiki, sound healing, Theta Violet Vibrations, Chakra balancing / aligning, Shakti activations/ Kundalini work, Medical Qigong / Energy alignment and massage.

Body Work

Five Elements Massage

This massage is a very unique and dynamic experience. Combining Hot Stone, Hot Towel, Essential Oils, Bamboo and Sound Healing. Awakening Your Senses in a deep state of relaxation.

Energy work is included to release accumulated energies and emotions, through energy channels and chakras.


Yoga and Pranayama Private Sessions : 60 min €60


Lyonne teaches DeepFlow Yoga , Traditional Hatha Yoga, Five Tibetan Rites and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Pranayama Practices and Kriyas.

Yoga literally means “union”; it is a practice originating in India that aims to bring harmony within (body-mind-spirit), with our environment (relationships), and ultimately with the Divine. The various styles of yoga each focus on a particular aspect of bodywork, energy work and spiritual work.


Goddess Essence Sacred Hair Cut : 60 min €60

FB Page or call +356 77001180

The Sacred Hair Cut  combines the act of cutting and styling hair with energy cleansing work. Lyonne combines her twenty years of experience in hair cutting and styling with her many years of involvement in various kinds of advanced energy healing work to offer this unique Sacred Hair Cut Ceremony.


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