Energetic Hair Cut


The Sacred Hair Cut combines the act of cutting and styling hair with energy cleansing work. Lyonne combines her nineteen years of experience in hair cutting and hair styling with her many years of involvement in various kinds of energy healing work to offer this unique sacred hair ceremony.


The ancients of many cultures believed that the hair holds energy; it is the same reason why the holy men of India grow their hair, and why Buddhist monks shave it off. We too can work with the energy in our hair, and the sacred hair cut is designed to help release subtle negative energies that do not serve you.


The ceremony involves creating a sacred space, setting an intention, meditation, card reading, clearing energy and inviting divine consciousness. During the ceremony, Lyonne applies Taoist principles to encourage energetic healing.

The practice transforms a mundane hair cut into a spiritual practice, which will balance the energy surrounding your crown chakra and allow an increased flow of energy to create a state of relaxation and vitality. You will have a great haircut too!