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Private Sessions with Lyonne are generally focused on energy work and healing.

Suitable for people between the 1st Initiation and the 5th Initiation.

Lyonne is experienced in guiding you into the opening to your next level of Consciousness through the 12 Initiations Program. She utilizes advanced energy healing work to support your healing and ascension. Lyonne applies effective practices to clear, purify, align, balance, amplify energy, and guide you to Source Consciousness. Promoting healing on emotional, mental, and all spiritual levels.


Every session is tailored from Awareness and unconditional love to meet your needs.


Lyonne follows through with the guidance of levels of Consciousness and clarifies your progress by using kinesiology testing to monitor the expansion of your Consciousness.


Each session is your personal opportunity to:

  • Break free from conditions and beliefs, and recalibrate your energy field

  • Clear traumas, past wounds, and ancestral baggage down to the cellular level.

  • Strengthen your nervous system and harmonize your mind and body in alignment with Source.

  • Have clarity on life and questions about important steps in your life.

  • Raise your consciousness level for good.

Spiritual Guidance & Counseling

Spiritual Guidance, Counseling Sessions, Heart Healing: 60min 150eur or 90min 220eur

This Session is for you if you are willing to take your next steps toward awakening into your natural essence. During this session, we dedicate time to explore and identify any obstacles. We bring them into the light with love and compassion so that you can free yourself from these burdens. You will also be guided with specific meditation / effective practices that would support you toward your next level of realization or integration of your being. Opening your next level of Consciousness comes with beautiful openings, but you may also experience deeper healing processes. Lyonne guides you safely, warmly, and gently to experience the smoothest transition possible. This session includes counseling, meditation, and healing.  Lyonne records the meditation, so you have the possibility to integrate the work we've done. 

General Information
What you need to know, Sessions, Fees & Payment Details

These sessions are tailored for someone up to the 5th Initiation. Progressing towards the 6th Initiation, the work shifts into Consciousness Transmission. 


These Sessions include a talk, effective practice, and guided meditation specifically designed to meet your needs and according to what is uncovered and is necessary to work within the present moment.

At the end of the meditation, we dedicate time for sharing and Q&A. 


The guided meditation is recorded via Zoom and shared with you after the meeting. It is an opportunity to repeat the meditation to support your integration process. You will also receive recommendations and suggestions for watching videos and books to read according to your level of Initiation and what is generally beneficial for your next level of Consciousness.


For optimal results, it is recommended to schedule another meeting no later than three weeks. This creates a wonderful momentum rising a highway of your consciousness.


In between sessions, you are welcome to join Lyonne Sundari LIVE meetings on Zoom every Tuesday.

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60min / 150eur or 90min / 220eur

Tessy Sins.jpg

Tessy Sins
Yoga Teacher

Lyonne is such an amazing and loving person 🙏🏼 Since I started going on her weekly zooms and retreats, I went through a lot of healing and improved in various ways. She is always open to receiving questions and giving support. I learned so much about letting go, living in the now, enjoying the present, spirituality in general... and so much more I'm so grateful to know you, Lyonne, and thank you so much for this journey 🙏🏼🌸💖

People's Experiences


Doris Alsford

Life leads me to this excellent teacher that has guided me to realize my value, depth, and capacity to love. She has shown me my natural gifts and unique expression that I can share with others and celebrate myself. I am so blessed to have met her. Her support and guidance have lifted and transformed me and my life, and now I can be of service in my daily life to others, just by being myself. I have also learned how to hold space in a loving presence for another and bring through my higher self to give them the message they need to hear and provide them with space for their inquiry and revelations. Whether you are called to go on a retreat, online course, or work one to one or like me all of it, it is of unmatched value you are investing in yourself, and you realize your real purpose on this earth lead by a real-life goddess.

Morgan Parham.jpg

Morgan Parham
Goddess Essence Teacher

I’ve had the wonderful privilege to work with Lyonne on my spiritual journey for about 5 years now, and she has single-handedly changed my life forever. From retreats, and teacher training, to one on one zoom sessions, I trust her more than anyone in this world and know that what she teaches me in one hour of our sessions is more knowledge than one hour with anyone else. Her understanding is so deep that she is able to customize a guided meditation for me based on where my consciousness is at that moment and help me take the next step towards Full Consciousness. I’ve tried a few sessions with other teachers but nothing compares to Lyonne. She is truly an all-knowing and all-loving teacher. I recommend you give her a try if you are even slightly considering as she will guide you there with a loving and gentle hand. Lyonne has helped me learn to love myself and find peace and calm in this life. Since I started our one-on-one sessions, my anxiety has completely disappeared!! I love how we don’t focus on the story so much or spend time talking about what I consider to be my problems in life. She can somehow tune into my energy and know what sort of practice would be best for me at this time in my life and it works every single time. Afterward, I feel so free and happy and able to enjoy life without anxiety. I think everyone should try a session with Lyonne and see how it will change their life!