& Healing

Online Course

One Month Online Course


           SESSION 1     


Enlightening Sexuality &


  • All you need to know about Yoni Egg Practices and Benefits

  • The Art of overcoming victimhood Consciousness

  • Practical Exercises

  • Guided Live Sacral Mediation

  • Releasing unprocessed energies

  • Weekly homework



Purifying Sexual Energy

Uniting Sexual Energies  in Harmony and Balance with the Heart 

  • The Art of Utilising Sexual Energy wisely 

  • Practical Exercises

  • Guided Live Meditation Essence of Sensuality & Heart & Sex Union 

  • ( Initiation )

  • Weekly Homework



Correct Breathing

  • Awakening Sexual Energy for Your Highest Benefits

  • Utilise Creative Force

  • Practical Exercises

  • Guided Live Meditation Connect with Vital Creative Force and abundant creativity

  • Weekly homework 

           SESSION 4


Expansion of  Sexual Energy & Kundalini Attunement

  • The Art of Sublimation for pleasure and healing 

  • Practical Exercises

  • Guided Live Meditation Activation and overflow of sexual pleasure 

  • Weekly Homework