Energy Healing Transmission Sessions

Energy Healing Transmission Sessions


To Heal Means to Re-Align and Re-Balance any distorted and unharmonious energies of the old into a harmonious and balanced flow of your energy, emotional and mental states of your being. 


In Harmony & Divine Love

Lyonne Sundari 

Dedicated to her cause, Lyonne is experienced in several areas of advanced energy healing work. She utilises various effective techniques to cleanse, purify, align and amplify energy flow to promote self-healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Every healing session is tailored specifically to the individual’s needs, based on Lyonne’s expertise and intuition. Her direct knowledge on healing sessions are based on various healing arts, such as Light activations, attunements to new energetics, Reiki, Sound healing, Theta healing, Chakra balancing, Shakti activation, Shifting of Consciousness, Violet flame initiations, Heart Opening, Universal and Soul Healing.

Energy Healing Transmission Sessions


Kundalini Alignment & Attunement

Kundalini Alignment & Attunment sessions, are important to bring balance and harmony within. Many times when someone awakens kundalini energy, its usually feels un smooth and jittery. As it forces the energy flow to flush up not in its harmonious ways.. Purification of kundalini is also important, using higher vibrations to clear any impurities. Over all brings clarity, stillness and smooth harmony within.

Energy Healing Sessions


Chakra Balancing & Opening 

Chakras are energy centres in the body, spinning like vortexes, and the energy flows between them along energy lines. There are thousands of energetic channels in the spiritual body. We have seven chakras in the body, they are considered to be the most significant. Their healthy function is tied in with physical and emotional health, yet blockages can occur that obstruct the flow of energy and chakras may be over activated or under activated. Chakra balancing work is concerned with balancing the flow of energy from, to, and between the chakras.

Giving oneself a sense of balance, harmony and calmness.

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