Goddess Essence

Teacher Training Course 90 hrs 

10 Days 

 October 2020

Goddess Island of Gozo, Malta

            Learn How to: 

  • Create Goddess Circles & Classes

  • Structure Workshops 

  • Be in Presence to hold space for healing

  • Discover the Levels of Consciousness 

  • The Path of the Heart

  • Create a Goddess Yoga Session 

  • Work with energy

  • Womb and Heart Healing

  • Create Yoni Crystal Egg Sessions

  • Energy Womb Clearing

  • Heal Sexual Trauma 

  • Activate Shakti

  • Shakti Dance

  • Goddess Ceremonies 

  • Guide Meditations 

  • Create a network for your offerings 

      This is for you if you want:

  •  To Become a Goddess Essence Teacher and create love & peace to all

  • To cultivate your Intuitive Self

  • To Be Empowered to create and hold space for yourself and others 

  • To Be the change you want to see in the world today

  • To Support women on their path

  • To Meet and bring together beings like you

  • To Create a community in your hometown and country or wherever you travel

  • To Share your knowledge and light for the highest benefit of all

  • To know you are an unlimited creator 

Goddess Island of Gozo & Accommodation

Elegantly furnished, in neutral colours and with understated lighting, the good sized rooms are designed to complement the peaceful and laid back ambiance of the surrounding countryside. The main feature of the property however is the swimming pool which winds its way into the living room from the large patio at the back of the property.

Besides the luxury of indoor swimming, the sparkling reflection of the water gives a spectacular ambiance throughout the spacious open plan ground floor.

This, coupled with under floor heating throughout the property, and the built in fireplace. At the back of the property a private pool with a large patio complete with sun decks and an uninterrupted undulating valleys and spectacular sunsets.

Address: Trejqet Dun Guzepp Cassar, Ghasri, Gozo GSR 1340


10 Days 9 Nights in a Luxurious Villa

Standard Tuition Price : € 1,000

                                 Accommodation and Food : € 555

                                                      ( optional )

Deposit is required to reserve your space.

Choose to pay monthly instalments  *up to 4 months

( Contact directly Lyonne Sundari for further information ) 

Maximum of Participants is 12 people. This Creates an intimate experience with individual attention.

Goddess Essence Teacher Training Course Includes:

  • Tuition fees.

  • Content and Material for TTC.

  • Daily Classes, Workshops, Ceremonies, Meditation.

  • Certification for 90 hrs of Goddess Essence Teacher Training for women. Certified from Goddess Essence Lyonne Sundari  & New Humanity School.

  • Accommodation in a luxurious Villa in twin shared rooms.

  • Full Board Vegetarian Healthy Food.

  • Fruit Juices & Teas.

  • Dessert and Raw Cakes.

  • Goddess Essence Yoga T-shirt.

Not Included:

Master Mindo Full ConsciousnessTransmission

Air Fare and Ferry 

Travel and transportation of expenses

All Dining Out

Example of a Daily Schedule : 
08.30 - 09:30 : Morning Class ( Silence )
09:30 - 10:00 : Breakfast
10.30 - 13:00 : Morning Class 

13:00 - 16:30 : Lunch & Break
16:30 - 18:00 : Afternoon Class
18.00 - 19:00 : Dinner 

19:30 - 21:00 : Ceremony

21:00 - 22:00 : Journal & Notes
22:00 : ( Silence )


Topics Workshops :

  • The Art of Creating Space ( Incl.Crystals Alignments, Energy Clearing, Goddess Cards, Presence of your Guides )

  • The Path of the Heart - Evolution 

  • Emotional Clearing, Womb Energy Clearing

  • Womb and Heart Healing

  • Awakening and Cultivating Sexual Energy 

  •  Yoni Crystal Eggs & Yoni Massage Benefits in Healing 

  • The Art of Surrender and Letting Go

  • Map of Spirituality  ( Incl. Empowered Self, Higher Self, I am Presence / Goddess Presence, Living in Presence, Being-ness )

  • Consciousness VS Energies 

  • Marketing Tools and Support on Setting You Up. Incl.Website Design, Writing and advertisement.

  • Initiations and Activations :

  • *Full Consciousness Transmission with Master Mindo

  •  Yoni Crystal Egg Initiation

  •  Shakti Activation Initiation

  •  Empowerment Initiation

  •  Inner Light Initiation 

  • Womb Energy Clearing, Sound & Light Healing

Practice :

  • Yoga

  • Five Tibetan Rites

  • Breath-work

  • One on One Sessions

  • Shakti Dance

  • Ceremonies and Goddess Circles :  Womb & Heart, Yoni Crystal, Cacao & Heart Ceremonies

  • Guided Goddess Meditations


Additional :

  • Full Consciousness Transmission with Master Mindo

  • Womb and Yoni Massage Talk with Karen 


  • 3 Kriya ( Tibetan Rites and Pranayama Classes )

  • 3 Energy Sessions 

  • 3 Shakti Dance

  • 3 Goddess Circles Ceremonies 


Topics for Practicums

Shakti Dance

Guided Meditation 

Goddess Circle or Ceremony

One on One Session


At the end of Goddess Essence Teacher Training you will be able to create a class, a Goddess circle, Ceremony, Kriya sessions and a full day workshop. Followed up with an optional weekly or monthly Skype meeting. Private and group support will be given after the course to guide and assist further upon your progress. 

Meet our Special Guest teacher Master Mindo

Mindo is an Enlightened spiritual master famous for his teachings about the Map of Spirituality and helping others to reach Non-Duality, Enlightenment and Full Consciousness.


Mindo has been Lyonne`s teacher, partner and guru for the past 3 years. It has been a very intensive journey of energy work, Self-Enquiry practice and openings of Consciousness. With all his guidance, transmissions, support and love, Lyonne opened from Unity Consciousness to Full Consciousness Self-Realisation.

✨A Very Special Satsang will be given of the Full Consciousness Transmission ✨ Attuning your energy body and consciousness to the highest possible vibrations with the Source and Opening your Highest Potential in Life.

Yel Yah Rhian, Lecturer of Art




Janet Marie, Grech & Co


Lyonne Sundari

Founder of Goddess Essence

Teacher of Yoga, Tantric Arts, Tao Practice, Sacred Dance and Ceremony.

Lyonne walks The Path of Love, devoted to The Inner Goddess. She is passionate in helping and guides others along their unique path. She brings beings together to experience Oneness Consciousness in a profound present way of Being, and demonstrates that Yes in life you create your reality!

Master Mindo

Founder of Map Of Spirituality


“Bright as a Sun, Sharp as a Lightning”

Master Mindo is an Enlightened spiritual teacher helping others to reach Non-Duality, Enlightenment and Full Consciousness. His timeless teachings and modern insights have given birth to the Map of Spirituality and the unique Full Consciousness Transmission has allowed over 350 people to permanently raise their levels of Consciousness, some of them realizing Enlightenment and returning to the Full Consciousness.



Intuitive Massage Healing Therapy 

We are energy and in a healthy body the energy flows. Diseases occur when this flow is stagnant or blocked. The intent of my work consists of helping the body release the blockages caused by trauma or continuous tension and assist in the flow of energy, creating in this way more space and vitality in the body. 

Karen has been practicing Massage therapy and Psychotherapy for the past four years. She has spent many years and is continually delving into different therapeutic approaches to be able to reach deeper into herself and to assist others in doing so. 


Massage Therapist

We are shaped and fashioned by what we love. Play I say. The impulse to play is an instinct. No play, no creative life. Be good, no creative life. Be still, no creative life. At this stage I offer a play of intuition and hands on body loving called massage. My hands are tools to release tension, stagnant energies and play with grace. Therapeutic massage helps to relieve pain, reduces stress, reaches the deepest layers of muscles. I will tailor your massage techniques depending on your needs. Listening to your being and delivering what is needed the most at the time.

Getting to Gozo

The best way to reach our accommodation from Luqa International Airport is either by direct transfers service with driver, bus or by renting a car from the Airport and make your own way to property.

Luqa to Cirkewwa for Ferry to Gozo.

Arrivals at Mgarr, Gozo to Ghasri.

Villa Hamlet 2

Address: Trejqet Dun Guzepp Cassar, Ghasri, Gozo GSR 1340

Useful links:

Gozo Channel ferry – gozochannel.com -

Malta Airport – airmalta.com -

Malta Public Transport – publictransport.com.mt

Payment Details

BOV Bank Details:

Name: Lyonne Carabott

Bank: Bank of Valletta

IBAN: MT05VALL22013000000040019395847 


Reference : Goddess TTC

E-mail lyonne@GoddessEssence.info

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