This is for you if you want:

  •  To Become a Goddess Essence Teacher and create love & peace to all

  • To cultivate your Intuitive Self

  • To Be Empowered to create and hold space for yourself and others 

  • To Be the change, you want to see in the world today

  • To support women on their path

  • To Meet and bring together beings like you

  • To create a community in your hometown and country or wherever you travel

  • To share your knowledge and light for the highest benefit of all

  • To know you are an unlimited creator 

90 hrs Teaching Course


Learn How to: 

  • Guided Meditations.

  • Goddess Ceremonies. 

  • Shakti Dance.

  • Activate Kundalini Force.

  • Heal Sexual Trauma. 

  • Emotional Womb Clearing.

  • Yoni Crystal Egg Sessions.

  • Womb and Heart Healing.

  • Work with energy.

  • The Path of the Heart.

  • Discover the Levels of Consciousness. 

  • Be in Presence to hold space for healing.

  • Structure Workshops. 

  • Create Goddess Circles & Classes.


Topics Workshops :

  • The Art of Creating Space ( Incl. Crystals Alignments, Energy Clearing, Goddess Cards, Presence of your Guides )

  • The Path of the Heart - Evolution 

  • Emotional Clearing, Womb Energy Clearing

  • Womb and Heart Healing

  • Awakening and Cultivating Sexual Energy 

  •  Yoni Crystal Eggs & Yoni Massage Benefits in Healing 

  • The Art of Surrender and Letting Go

  • Levels of Consciousness ( Incl. Empowered Self, Higher Self, I am Presence / Goddess Presence, Living in Presence, Being-ness )

  • Consciousness VS Energies 

  • Marketing Tools and Support on Setting You Up. Incl.Website Design, Writing, and advertisement.


Standard Tuition Price: €888     

Date: To be announced.   

Location: Gozo, Malta           

A deposit is required to reserve your space.

Choose to pay monthly installments * for up to 4 months.

Goddess Essence Teacher Training Course Includes:

  • Tuition fees.

  • Content and Material for TTC.

  • Daily Classes, Workshops, Ceremonies, Meditation.

  • Certification for 90 hrs of Goddess Essence Teacher Training for women. 

  • Certified from Goddess Essence Lyonne Sundari  & New Humanity School.

What's Not Included:

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Travels

  • Excursions

Initiations and Activations:

  •  Yoni Crystal Egg Initiation

  •  Shakti Activation Initiation

  •  Empowerment Initiation

  •  Inner Light Initiation 

  • Womb Energy Clearing, Sound & Light Healing

  • Goddess Codes Initiation


  • Breath-work

  • One on One Sessions

  • Shakti Dance

  • Ceremonies and Goddess Circles:  Womb & Heart, Yoni Crystal, Cacao & Heart Ceremonies

  • Guided Goddess Meditations

Topics for Practicums

Shakti Dance

Guided Meditation 

Goddess Circle and Ceremony

One on One Healing Session


At the end of Goddess Essence Teacher Training, you will be able to create a class, a Goddess circle, Ceremony, Kriya sessions, and a full-day workshop. I followed up with an optional weekly or monthly Skype meeting. Private and group support will be given after the course to guide and assist further upon your progress.