During this retreat, women will be initiated into higher consciousness and be Re-reminded of the Divine Goddess Essence that has been dormant for a few thousand years.
Lyonne Sundari offers a very unique retreat, combining Divine Love Consciousness Meetings, Ceremonies which include Goddess transmissions and initiations, Yoga and Pranayama and Guided Meditation.

Glastonbury is the Heart Chakra of this Earth and once stood tall and completely encircled in marshes. From the heights rose the sacred Tor. Other places of power include the Chalice Well, the White Spring, Wearyall Hill, the ancient trees Gog and Magog, and the Abbey.

All of these power points are contained within the astrological landscape

zodiac, as above so below. The sacred spiral of life that is contained within

an ammonite shell are all a part of this rich earth we know as Glastonbury.
This timeless sanctuary draws pilgrims of all kinds from the corners of our

Earth. She is known as Avalon, ‘Ynys Afallon’ the Island of Apple, and ‘Ynys

Witrin’ the Isle of Glass.

Avalon offers you
* Heart magic and healing
* A portal into Gaia’s heart chakra
* A calibration of your chakra system with our Earth’s chakra system
* Cosmic connection beyond time and space
* Transformation and Rebirth
* Ancestral healing of Woman


Are you ready to truly open your heart, remember divine love and awaken creative energy from within?

Discover the Unconditioned beauty. Reconnect with the body, highest form and deepest heart in this transformational retreat led by Goddess Essence founder Lyonne Sundari.

In this inspiring 6 day retreat for Women you will...

Experience harmony, connection and renewed purpose as you spend a truly magical week immersing yourself in Higher Consciousness, Nature and Divine Feminine Energies.

Learn how to make miraculous and profound changes by releasing blockages to love, freedom, sensuality, creativity, your inner voice and more.

Open yourself to the flow of love and allow it to permeate your life and the people around you.

Early Bird Price €595 (ends 31st May)
Standard Price €795

50% Deposit is Required to reserve your place.

50% From the refund up to 1 month before arrival date


🌹5 nights 6 Days Accommodation in a beautiful Cottage House

🌹Breakfasts & Dinners

🌹4 Yoga Classes

🌹5 Divine Love Goddess Consciousness Meetings - Initiations & Transmissions

🌹3 Belly Dance Classes

🌹2 Awakening The Voice Healing Sessions

🌹2 Sacred Sexuality Ceremonies

Founder of Goddess Essence

Lyonne is not only a Fully Realised Being, embodying Full Consciousness and Presence

of the Absolute Self, but she is also a relatable woman who has overcome the same

obstacles we as women face. She emanates a divine feminine glow and her

transmissions have a special ingredient of Loving Presence, which is both

powerful and radiant, melting and meeting with your heart. Her invitation is

simple: to realise what has always been here, to meet in eternal Presence of

the Being, to open to a deeper heart and ultimately know the Absolute Self. You  

are welcome to find out more about her teachings on her YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC70P1dKo8r6-WKoRr6zKjXQ

Additionally, Lyonne offers global talks, online broadcasts and courses, teacher

trainings, retreats, one to one meetings, advanced energy practices, and yoga classes.

Divine Love Consciousness Meetings

When you sit with Lyonne in one of her sessions, you immediately notice that there is a change in her field. A glow encompasses her energy and you can just feel that something is different, something shifted. Each session is unique depending on what she is bringing forth, wether it is the deep void, universal love, or a certain divinity. I remember one particular session where she channeled Anandamayi Ma. I'd never felt that energy from Lyonne before. It was as if she had a personal connection with her and could bring her to us so easily. It was the first time I truly felt Anandmayi Ma in her essence. It filled me deeply and brought tears of joy and peace. It was that moment my soul came through and shined. It was only through Lyonne's outpouring of that energy, that we were all able to have such a profound experience with Ma. Lyonne is such a clear channel. After that session was over, Lyonne went back to her usual Self--still glorious, ever warm and inviting and danced with us. She's completely unassuming, down to our level but bringing things from above and beyond.

Kriya Yoga with Lyonne Sundari 

Lyonne's yoga practice in the morning is not just a simple stretch! She is perfectly preparing you for the energy work to come. Her meditations consist of a gentle guidance to go deeper with the breath into a place of stillness and always wrapped in a warm love. But her sessions are also intense with lots of purification through breath work and holding asanas for extended intervals. She always brings something new to each session, aiding you to heal traumas and clear lower vibrations still hidden. And she never leaves you in a contracted state. Whenever someone is passing through a hardship in their evolution, Lyonne is there to make sure that there is a harmonious closure.


Reine is a yoga and dance teacher of many years. Her experience in life has taken her to

many countries and paths. She's very interested in what works, what gives results, and

direct experience of life.Besides teaching, she is the mother of a beautiful star child,

her greatest initiatior into love and serviceHer deepest goal is to experience the

source of life within her and help others come into that experience as well.

Belly Dance With Reine - A Dance of The Feminine

Belly Dance is a sensual dance that originated from the hips and curves of a woman's

body highlighting the creative power of the womb! It's a dance that celebrates the

woman's body and creates a feeling of sisterhood and sexual empowerment. It was

once practised only in the presence of other women as a ritual of fertility, as it was

believed that women held great creative and fertile power. The sessions in this retreat are

aimed to guide you into a playful dance that helps brush off any body judgements and restrictions placed on oneself and reconnect you to the raw power of being a woman, enjoying your body through simple movements that awaken and enliven your Shakti.

Awakening the Voice of the Feminine

The power to communicate thoughts and feelings through sounds and words is something very unique to humans. But at some point, we have all experienced frustration through suppressing our voices and not being heard. Being that everything is vibration and sound at some level, connecting to your voice and unblocking that channel can be quite liberating.
These sessions will guide you to reach deep down and release the voice from the lower belly, clearing energetic blocks as the sound is released. You will discover your voice and creative energy that comes from a deep place of surrender and inspiration.

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08:00 - Yoga of The Now with Lyonne 

10:00 - Breakfast

11:30 - Belly Dance with Reine - A Dance of The Feminine or Awakening the Voice Sessions

13:00 - Lunch out

14:00 - Visiting Sacred Sites or Sacred Sexuality Ceremony

18:30 - Dinner

20:00 - Meeting In Divine Love Consciousness - Guided Meditations, Goddess Initiations & Divine Love Transmissions

Honeysuckle Farm Cottage

Glastonbury, UK



Early Bird Price €595 (ends 31st May)
Standard Price €795

50% Deposit is Required to reserve your place.

50% From the refund up to 1 month before arrival date

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