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Divine Love Blessings

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Online Retreat Includes:

  • 5 Live Meetings with Lyonne

  • Freedom of Emptiness

  • Divine Nature

  • Non-Dual Life

  • Divine Life

  • Divine Love Transmissions

  • Divine Attunements

  • Guided Meditations

  • Self-Inquiry 

  • Opening Higher Consciousness

  • Integrative Practices

  • Silence & Stillness

  • Questions & Answers 

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Divine Love Immersion Schedule

Friday 15th September

19:30 CEST +2

1st Session

The Eternal Living Presence of Self

During the 1st session, we familiarise ourselves with the inner sound of silence and stillness and redirect our focus and attention to the eternal living presence.



Duration: 90min

Saturday 16th | 15:00 CEST +2

2nd Session

Heart & Soul Awareness 

During this session, we familiarize ourselves with the Heart on the right (Amrita Nadi) and journey through the Soul into Divine.

Duration: 90min

Saturday 16th | 19:30 CEST +2

3rd Session

Divine Love Transmission

Receiving a Divine love transmission accelerates your growth, supports healing, and is a great way to bridge closer your Divine nature. Cultivating the divine presence of eternity.

Duration: 90min

Sunday 17th | 15:00 CEST +2

4th Session

Attunement & Immersion in Divine Light


Attunement and Immersion in Divine Light will support in resolving and unwinding attachments and dualities of Identities and is a powerful way to help you to get access to the inner eternal presence of God in you.


Duration: 90min

Sunday 17th | 19:30 CEST +2

5th Session

Divine Love & Full Consciousness Transmission

A gift and celebration at the end of the retreat, Anandamayi Ma`s Presence blesses us with her pure love and bliss, supporting us to surrender to the divine will and ultimate truth beyond the beyond. 

Duration: 90min

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Divine Love Immersion Online Retreat


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