December 21, 2017

Essence of sexual energy!

Misconceptions and plenty of ideas in people's interpretations on what sexual energy truly Is! It's been a couple of thousands years of abuse upon such a potent energy! An energy that has the force to manifest and create, an energy that has been mis-used and brought a lot of negative karmic effects.

When eventually planet earth`s density was dropping in vibration, humanity got bound and stuck...

April 29, 2017

I know many people have had their worlds rocked in the past two weeks, though, because I’ve heard about it in sessions,  and they also noted a major uptick in crises, emotional outbursts and addictive relapses, especially since Easter. It feels like a big cleanse, in which the old gunk temporarily recirculates before its full release. It also feels like a time to go inward, and many people feel they simply cannot maintain the...

April 27, 2017

Honey Calcite Crystal Yoni Eggs - Healing Properties:
Honey Calcite teaches us about the right use of power. It encourages responsibility in leadership and can help with recovering from abusive situations. Honey Calcite increases feelings of self worth, confidence and courage and assists to overcome obstacles. Used for Womb Clearing, Emotional release!

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