Bali Paradise Retreat

12-26th August 2017

Experience the Presence and Beauty of Bali


Bali is a culture that recognizes the presence of Spirit in every aspect of the life of the individual and the community. For the Balinese, Spirit is everywhere and Bali is considered to be the Island of the Gods. Allowing yourself to experience this Presence and Beauty can be profoundly transformative at the deepest levels of the Soul.


During our two weeks experience together we will start the day with DeepFlow Yoga and Tibetan Rites as our morning practise and in the evenings gather together for a guided Present Moment meditation and Soulful dialogues. During the days we will visit the Temple sites and the Priestess of Bali. Also we will have enough time to enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of Bali, it’s tropical Beaches, shopping and amazing Restaurants in rice fields and other unforgettable places!

Peaceful Amazing Retreat Accommodation

Open Space for Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing

Unforgetable Journey with Lyonne & Mindo

Mindo O. Damalis is a teacher focusing upon Present Moment, Beingness and Enlightenment. His approach is to gently but candidly point people into the deep acceptance inherent in the present moment. His style is direct and uncompromising, yet full of humanity, humour and compassion.

Lyonne is a dedicated transformational therapist, Yoga,Tao, Tantra and Sacred Dance teacher. She is dedicated to the empowerment of the Feminine taking women on woman’s journey.  Lyonne guides people on their individual journey of self-development by holding space for healing, transformation and empowerment.

Explore the diversity of spiritual practice :

Yoga, Tantra, Intuitive Dance, Sound Healing, Breath-Work,  Self-Discovery and Living in the Present Moment

Bali Retreat Program 

12-26th August 2017

Monday 14th

16:00 - Introduction and Open Hearts Ceremony

18:00 - Restorative Yoga and Meditation

19:30 - Vegetarian Balinese Dinner


Tue 15th, Thur 17th , Mon 21st, Wed 23rd

08:00 - Chakra Yoga and 5 Tibetan Rites

09:00 - Guided Present Moment Meditation

10:00 - Vegetarian Healthy Breakfast

11:00 - Visiting Temple Sites and Sacred/Paradise Places

02:30 - Vegetarian Healthy Lunch Out

(Free Time)

18:00 - Heaven on Earth Soulful Dialogues and Sharing

19:30 - Vegetarian Balinese Dinner


Wed 16th, Fri 18th, Tue 22nd  (Full Days)

08:00 - Deepflow Yoga, 5 Tibetan Rites and Breathwork

09:00 - Guided Present Moment Meditation

10:00 - Vegetarian Healthy Breakfast

11:30 - 7 Chakras Balancing / Higher Self / I AM Presence

13:30 - Vegetarian Healthy Lunch

(Free Time)

18:00 - Intuitive Dance / Shaking / Om 7 Chakras Meditation and Sharing

19:30 - Vegetarian Balinese Dinner


Saturday 19th, Sunday 20th and Thursday 24th, Friday 25th are free days to wander around in Ubud, Shopping, Restaurants and enjoy Bali Beaches!

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