We are facing a unique lifetime, a special yet uncomfortable time. We are in the midst of a great awakening. Our Soul has been waiting for this moment for eons. The awakening of consciousness, the remembrance of who we truly are, reclaiming all aspects of our being, returning to the heart, that which truly makes us human.


At this time, we are facing the return of the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine will restore, balance, and bring harmony to Earth. Compassion, kindness, and love will heal all the distortions on this planet. It is time to go beyond all differences and realize we are one already! The 144,000 Souls presented here are awakening and remembering why they have even chosen this mission to be here on Earth.


Let us create heaven on Earth! The power is right within you. All together, we can strengthen the light and love, thus anchoring a higher consciousness right here and NOW. Let us create beauty and love altogether. Awaken your divine essence and be the example the world needs to see right now. May we all be blessed with love in our deepest hearts, to have all the strength necessary to move through these times!

LOVE is a universal language; everyone knows love! We are here to return from separation and division to unconditional love in this lifetime, which resides within us. We have to re-remember it! The transition we are currently experiencing demands us, humanity as a whole, that we return to love, harmony, kindness, and compassion. We are returning to unconditional love: love without conditions, free, open, pure, and without limitations or dysfunctions.


We are experiencing a shift of consciousness through this body-mind vehicle as our dysfunctions are being dismantled. This is not a comfortable process. The opposite of unconditional love is division, separation, hurt, pain, judgment, and blame… The level of dysfunction in the world is overwhelming at this time. Lack lies at the base of all dysfunction. But once we embrace, allow, and accept our shadows or dysfunctions, we can integrate them. Integration brings embodiment so that you can walk your talk.


We have a lot to learn from the Feminine Force, reminding us to give permission to ourselves not to continue pushing against the grain and being hard on ourselves. This Feminine Force was ripped out of us for a very long time. Through the reintegration of this Feminine Force, which is at once a return to love, we shall bring harmony, unity, and balance to Earth. Choosing an action from love moment-to-moment will integrate a higher consciousness!

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What people say...

Manvir Dhinse - UK

Lyonne's sessions are so powerful! She is able to effortlessly guide you back to the full consciousness always available, showering you in love and compassion. Her sessions are like no other and recently experiencing a transmission through one of her spiritual teachers (Anandamayi Ma) was a deeply shifting experience. 

Lyonne has a beautiful warm heart energy which you can feel deeply in her guidance through meditations, yoga classes and meetings. She has a lovely carrying energy and in her sessions she brings you in a really soft, heart open, gentle, loving space and holds your vulnerability with so much love and compassion.

Thank you

Erica Olivia - UK

I had been feeling lost for a while, searching for spiritual truth, when a friend introduced me to Lyonne. I first started watching her YouTube videos and really resonated with her way of explaining and guiding in such a gentle but direct way. It wasn’t confusing anymore. It was like finally I found my teacher. During the online sessions I feel so comfortable to open up, be vulnerable and honest in front of her. With her beautiful wisdom she gives me guidance to reach my highest potential. I am so grateful for meeting this real life goddess 💓 

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